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Welcome on Lyricslake , Founded by Ahtesan in March 2020. Lyricslake has come a long way from its begning in Kusheshwar asthan when Ahtesan first started out his passion nfor Lyrics and start it.

Our mission is to provide data(Lyrics), tools and services that allows the experience of music to be enriched across the whole world.

Despite lyrics being one of the most searched terms online, the online music experience has generally been centered around listening, watching, and editorial services.

It is Lyricslake’ understanding and focus on the emotional connection inherent to the lyrics experience that allows them to dominate the lyrics space.

we hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy. If you have any questions or any queries about our service please comment  don’t hesitate ,your feedback is valuable for our company .

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 Lyrics lake is free for all visitors. ther is not a single offer from Lyricslake  asking for payments or resulting in hidden costs. At the same time most advertisers do have offers that sell services and/or products. when accepting offers from our advertiser  yo are getting into a direct agreement with advertiser, not with Lyricslake. 

We do not sell or provide your personal information to any party  as per our privacy policy. We feature over 500 music lyrics and  60+ artist. please free  to make a request to add missing lyrics.                        Restriction : Lyricslake does not support adult,tobacco,alcohal and gambling advertising   

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